We have reached a critical point with financial resources, and we cannot continue without your generosity. As little as $10 a month, just 33 cents a day, will allow us to continue saving lives. No amount is too small, and one time donations would also be greatly appreciated! Thank you! 

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We focus on taking in dogs and cats with medical needs, which incur extra veterinary care costs before they are ready for their forever homes. These are the animals most at risk, so we feel it is imperative to our mission to focus most of our efforts on their well being.

You have the power to make a difference! Your donations help us reach our life-saving goals, and give these animals the second chance they deserve. Remember, it doesn’t happen without the support of compassionate people like you! 


Pima Paws For Life is an Adoption Guarantee animal shelter.  


An Adoption Guarantee shelter is one in which every adoptable animal is guaranteed a home. Animals are only euthanized if they are suffering with no hope of recovery, or have behavioral problems so severe that they are a threat to the safety of others. Pima Paws For Life believes that every animal's life has value. Every life matters. To read our Mission Statement, click here.









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