Our main goal at Pima Paws For Life is to create Southern Arizona's largest Adoption Guarantee animal shelter.  


An Adoption Guarantee shelter is one in which every animal is guaranteed a home. Animals are only euthanized if they are suffering with no hope of recovery, or have behavioral problems so severe that they are a threat to the safety of others. Pima Paws For Life believes that every animal's life has value. Every life matters. To read our Mission Statement, click here.

By partnering with the citizens of our community and other local shelters and rescues, Pima Paws For Life is dedicated to helping build a No Kill Pima County- a community where pets are no longer destroyed just because they are homeless. 

Every year, approximately ten thousand animals lose their lives at our County shelter.

For many, it is not because of a terminal illness or severe injury, but for something easily cured or mended. The numbers are overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Almost two hundred communities across the country have ended the unnecessary deaths.

                                     The people of Pima County can do it, too!



By joining with our community and other local animal welfare groups, Pima Paws For Life is committed to helping create an adoption guarantee community, where no animal is destroyed just because it is homeless.

Pima Paws For Life now has the use of kennel property to enable us to take dogs in need from Pima Animal Care Center! We primarily pull dogs with medical needs, which incur extra veterinary care costs before they are ready for their forever homes. These are the animals most at risk, so we feel it is imperative to our mission to first focus our efforts on their well being. We anticipate being able to save anywhere from approximately 60 to 80 dogs a month the first year. That is 720 to 960 lives saved!

You have the power to make a difference! A donation of just $5.00 a month will help us reach our life-saving goals, and give these animals the second chance they deserve. Remember, it doesn’t happen without the support of animal loving people like you!  


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